The beginning of a new journey

The beginning of a new journey

So here it is: This is my blog. It took far too long… I think about two years. At least ten times I have thought to start this project. However now the time has come and I have finally hosted some web space and started it. The beginning of a new journey.

So why have I procrastinated for such a long time?

Was it fear? Or was it simply because I am fucking lazy? Maybe a bit of both, but I think the biggest reason was that I simply haven’t felt that I was ready for it. But what does it mean to be ready to share the own knowledge? Does it mean to know everything in our field to be successful and earn several hundred dollars per hour? Or does it mean to being able to teach a programming newbie to program “Hello World!” in python? Should one be a genius in his craft? Or simply being able to help someone to solve a problem or to fill a knowledge gap? I came to the conclusion that my conviction falls to the latter. Therefore I had to simply to say: “Fuck it and start!”

So now I am sitting here and writing down this lines, feeling really motivated. And also a bit scared about not having a single reader or not being consequent enough for maintaining this blog in the long term. But when I am not starting now, I will never know. I have to take the risk and try.

About me

To my person: I am Michael Wenzl from Vienna in Austria and I am a Software Developer and Scrum Master. Besides my work I am finishing my master studies in Software Engineering and love it in general to read and learn new stuff. My main motivation for this blog is primarily sharing my continually learned knowledge. I sincerely hope that I can help one or the other dev out there. 🙂

For now on I don’t really know where I should put the focus. On the one hand really love it to conceptualize and to code. On the other hand I am also a big advocate of soft skills and leadership skills. I think I will begin with everything that comes to my mind and appears in my daily project life. Over the time I think I will see how to narrow my niche down and give this blog a real identity and purpose.

If there is a reader out there who have read my first article to this last line: Thank you!

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